Army camouflage party games box
Army party supplies
Army party games certificates
Army party supplies
Army camouflage party games box
Army party supplies
Army party supplies
Army party supplies
Army party supplies

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Sale price$149.00

ATTENTION! Command your forces with an epic army or camouflage party games box.

An army or camouflage is such a cool kids party theme and we have just awesome army party game supplies that you need - a Lieutenant Training Academy - to entertain those crazy kids! 

Don't have time to organise your kids birthday party? We can take all the stress out of kids party planning by creating the perfect army or camouflage party box and delivering it direct to your door.

Look no further - our "Camouflage / Army games in a box Lieutenant Training Academy" includes all the party supplies you need for entertaining kids at your army / camouflage party:

  • Camouflage face paint
  • Camouflage banadana for each guest
  • Dog tag necklaces for each guest
  • Certificates for each guest
    • Bombs away game -
      • Elastic tape (Bombs away game)
      • Cannonball
      • Ping pong balls
      • Individual prize – camouflage kick ball
    • Target practice and air patrol evaluation game –
      • Six striped cups
      • Gliders
      • Individual prize – camouflage bracelet
    • Ultimate balancing act game
      • Dice
      • Popsicle sticks
      • Individual prize – camouflage duck
    • Obstacle course and laser beam challenge –
      • Balloons
    • Enemy soldier hunt –
      • Army men soldiers
      • Camouflage torches
      • Group prize – army tattoos

Do you have more guests? No problem! Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost. 

8 guests - $149

12 guests - $169

Do you love the Army / Camouflage theme, but don't see what you like here? Or perhaps you'd just like to order only a few items - that's also ok!

We'd love to work on a bespoke Army party box with you - so contact us and we could create a custom made Army / Camouflage party box together.