Blast from the past kids party games box
Kids party games box
Kids party games
Old fashioned pin the tail on the donkey game
Egg and spoon race kids party game
Hot potato party game
Pass the parcel main prize

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Sale price$99.00
Number of guests:8 guests

Do you need some kids party games for your next kids party? Struggling to find entertainment ideas for a kids party?

When we were kids, our social network was called “outside” - none of this internet and phone stuff... right?

Our Blast from the Past kids party games box is bringing back the childhood nostalgia – kids will enjoy taking a step back into the 90’s with this box of classics.

Our Blast from the Past kids party games box includes:

Prices start from $99 for 8 guests ($12.50 per child).

Games and contents in our Blast from the Past kids party games box include:

  • Pass-the parcel (parcel wrapped for your group size with a toy in each layer, themed musical playlist, instruction card) – everyone wins!
  • Egg and spoon race (eggs, spoons, instruction card, themed group prize) This is a game for outdoors or a larger space.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey (A1 colour poster, blindfold, tail stickers, bluetack, instruction card, themed prize)
  • Balloon Pop (balloons, instruction card, themed group prize)
  • Hot Potato (potato (not a real one…), themed musical playlist, instruction card, themed prize) 

No extra shopping required. Once you’ve received your ready-to-play kids party games, simply open the box, get those kids playing and having some good ole fun. 

Please note - for the music playlist, you will need internet access and a laptop/mobile phone to access the website.

Games suitable for ages 5+

Will provide entertainment for approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

A great box of games if you don't have a particular theme for your kids party.

    Do you have more guests? No problem!

    Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost.

    12 guests - $119

    16 guests - $139

    If you love the idea of a kids party games box but don't see what you like here -  contact us and we could create a custom made kids party games box together.