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Sale price$14.95
Dinosaur filled gift box:Fortnite filled gift box
Need a WOW factor at your next birthday party or sleepover? Looking for awesome birthday party ideas and supplies?  
Look no further!  Our filled personalised gift boxes come with gorgeous birthday memories for you to hand out to your guests.

Party favours seem to be all the rage still so why not gift them with a personalised thankyou message?

Our Fortnite themed personalised SUPPLY DROP gift boxes (or bags) include - 
  • Axe pencil
  • Fortnite bracelet
  • Paratrooper
  • Treasure chest
$14.95 each
Other items can be added - 
  • Fortnite medkit mini kit kats
  • Fornited themed stickers

If you love this idea or would like to add things to it, feel free to contact us to see what party box magic we could make together.