Superhero party games ideas
Superhero party games ideas
Superhero kids party games ideas
Superhero kids party games ideas
Superhero kids party games ideas
Superhero kids party games ideas


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Calling all superheros! Need a box of awesome kids superhero party games delivered to your door anywhere in NZ? Look no further! 

Let us take the stress out of your next kids party by ordering one of our Superhero boxes of awesome party games in a box - filled with fun Superhero games for your kids birthday party to keep those crazy superhero fans entertained. 

 This awesome games in a box is a Superhero Training Academy and includes -

  • 8 x superhero capes and masks (boys or girls)
  • 1 x bag of kryptonite (jewels)
  • 8 x paper planes
  • 1 x Spiderweb Shooter (crazy string)
  • 1 x crepe roll
  • 1 x Captain America shield
  • 6 x striped cups
  • 6 x game signs
  • Tattoo sheets for each guest
  • 1 x instruction book

The games included are - 

1. Superhero Dash Costume Change 

2. Kyrptonite Hunt 

3. Superhero Aero Challenge

4. Spiderweb Slinger 

5. Hero Obstacle Course

6. Cap's Shield Spin 

 Do you have a favourite superhero? We can tailor the party box to a particular Superhero.

Do you have more guests? No problem! Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost.

Do you love the Superhero theme, but don't see your favourite superhero here? Or perhaps you'd just like to order only a few items - that's also ok!

Would you like a full Superhero / Avengers party box?  We have a party supplies box full of Superhero party supplies for the most die hard of all Superhero fans! We also have Batman and Spiderman themed party boxes too!

We'd love to work on a bespoke Superhero games in a box with you - so contact us and we could create a custom made Superhero party box together.