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Yo Ho Ho Maties!  Are you looking for some fun games for your next kids’ pirate birthday party?  Well shiver me timbers!  You’ve come to the right place! 

Our selection of kids party games are ready-to-play and provide lots of fun for all the lasses and lassies. Take the stress out of your party by having kids party games for your guest entertainment all ready to go.

X Marks the Spot - a popular pirate themed 'pin the tail on' style of game includes (for 8 guests)

  • A1 colour poster
  • Eyepatch blindfold
  • Stickers for each child
  • Bluetack
  • Pirate themed prize
  • Instructions

There be no extra shopping required. Simply prepare the game, get them kids playing and having some good ole fun.

    Do you have more guests? No problem! Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost of $1 per guest.

    Do you love the party games idea, but don't see what you like here? 

    We'd love to work on a bespoke themed party game with you - so contact us and we could create a custom made kids party game together.