How to Throw a Memorable Hen's Party!

How to Throw a Memorable Hen's Party!

Have you been given the task of throwing your bestie the ultimate send off to her single days, but are not sure quite where to start?
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How to Throw a Memorable Hen’s Party

Have you been given the task of throwing your bestie the ultimate send off to her single days, but are not sure quite where to start?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  While it might seem a little overwhelming at first, we’ve pulled together this handy guide to help with such an event, and to make sure everyone has a great time!

The first thing you need to do, is CONSULT THE BRIDE TO BE.  Your idea of a wild night, dancing on tables until the early hours, might be far from the quiet weekend away wine tasting that she had in mind. 

We really can’t stress how important it is to have the Bride-to-be involved to some degree.  It is her Hen’s party after all, and a celebration of the life she’s about to leave behind. You also want to actually make sure she is free the day you’re thinking about hosting it too!

You’ll then really want to ramp things up around 5 months from the chosen date of the Hen’s Party, which ideally will be at least a month clear from the wedding date. 

After you’ve found out exactly what sort of party your Bride-to-be is after, you’ll want to start FINDING THE PERFECT LOCATION/VENUE.  This is possibly going to be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll be faced with, as you’ll need to keep the cost of the venue in mind, including any travel to get there (if out of town), cost of food and drinks, and any venue hire you might have to pay.  

While it isn’t uncommon to request that the Hen’s Party guests contribute towards some of the cost of the party, you also don’t want to see them hugely out of pocket, when they’ll also be attending the wedding shortly too (we all know being a guest at a wedding comes with a fair bit of expense!).

After the location is sorted you’ll want to speak to the Bride-to-be about the GUEST LIST – remembering tradition has it, that only people invited to the wedding should be invited to the Hen’s Party.  You’ll want to do this at least 3 months prior to the party and make sure you have all addresses, or email addresses for the invitations. 

Make sure when you SEND THE INVITATIONS that you have added the date, location, and more importantly the cost.  It’s a great idea to state that payment is required by the RSVP date, so you know exactly what your budget it.  Ideally, request RSVP six weeks prior to the party.

Next you really want to start thinking about the actual activities on the day. If you can create a bit of a timetable, at least for the earlier events of the day, it will really help to keep the rest of the day on track. You’ll want to keep everyone entertained, whether that be through an activity, or through some party games – these are things you don’t want to leave til the last minute.  Remember we have an awesome selection of hilarious and fun Hens Party Games just to help with this!

Once you’ve done the above, all you really need to do now is set up on the day – we can always help with decorations and ideas for styling, and then pour a bubbles and enjoy the antics that are about to be had!  

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