Army Games in a Box

Army Games in a Box - 6 guests
Price on application
  • 6 x Army dog tags
  • 6 x Army bracelets
  • 6 x army popcorn boxes
  • 6 x Army bandanas
  • 6 x Camouflage torches
  • 6 x Camouflage gliders
  • 6 x Army balloons
  • ​Army temporary tattoos
  • Army face paint
  • Elastic tape with ping pong balls
  • Cannonball with striped cups
  • Camouflage balls
  • Popsicle sticks with dice
  • Army soldiers
  • Feathers
  • 1 x instruction book

Lieutenant Training Academy

  1. Kit up, ensure cadets have their face paint & bandanas on
  2. Boot camp - run a full boot camp training session
  3. Bombs away - cadets must roll the cannonball through the pingpong balls in the designated area ensuring only the yellow ping pong ball remains
  4. Target practice - cadets must through the hacky sack at the pyramid cups knocking as many over as possible
  5. Ultimate balancing challenge - cadets must balance as many dice as possible on a popsicle stick in their mouth in one minute
  6. Enemy soldier hunt - turn the lights off and have the cadets use their torches to find as many enemy soldier hidden around the house as possible
  7. Glider air challenge - cadets must throw their gliders through a designated target area
  8. Lightweight air challenge - cadets must blow their feathers down a designated course 
  9. Bootcamp obstacle challenge - tape the camouflage elastic to a hallway and have the cadets obstacle over and under it
  10. Ultimate balloon challenge and seize - have each cadet keep two balloons in the air at once through a designated course - then see how many balloons each cadet can hold for one minute
  11. Ducks away - fill the bath with water and have the cadets blow their duck across the bath with a straw
  12. ​Graduation ceremony

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