Fairy Game in a Box

Fairy Games in a Box - 6 guests
$89 + shipping

  • 6 x popcorn boxes
  • 6 x fairy wings
  • 6 x dancing ribbons
  • 6 x party gift boxes with fairy topper filled with fairy dust
  • 1 x 'Pin the horn on the unicorn' game
  • 6 x butterflies
  • 2 x paper toadstools
  • 1 x necklace and bracelet prize
  • 1 x instruction  book

NB Additional fairies can be catered for at an extra cost.

Fairy Games in a Box

  1. Fairy Ball - Let your fairies dance the day away with their twirling ribbons
  2. Pin the horn on the unicorn
  3. Fairy treasure hunt 
  4. Butterfly relay - Fairies must save the butterflies using a spoon
  5. Toadstool relay - Fairies must use the toadstools to move across the forest

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