Moana Game in a Box

Moana Games in a Box - 6 guests
$89 + shipping

  • 6 x leis and grass skirts
  • 6 x popcorn boxes
  • 6 x gift boxes with Moana themed hair clips
  • ​1 x Te Fiti necklace
  • Feathers
  • 1 x plastic coconut
  • 6 x Moana balloons
  • ​6 x Hibiscus flowers
  • Photobooth frames and props
  • 1 x instruction  book

NB Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost. 


Moana Games in a Box

  1. Moana's Lei Relay - see which team is fastest to have each member run to retrieve their leis' one at a time
  2. The Village Dance - enjoy dancing in leis and grass skirts to your favourite Moana music
  3. Heihei's Lost Feathers - see who can blow their feather round the course the fastest
  4. Maui's Coconut Race - which team can carry their balloon in their coconut one at a time around the course the fastest
  5. Hibiscus Treasure Hunt - have all the guests find the hibiscus flowers hidden inside or outside
  6. It calls me - have fun using the photobooth frame and props

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