Pokemon Game in a Box

Pokemon Games in a Box - 6 guests
$89 + shipping

  • 6 x popcorn boxes
  • 6 x pokeball with toy pokemon
  • 6 x pokemon bracelets
  • 6 x pikachu ears
  • 1 x Ash trainer hat
  • 6 x pokemon balloons
  • 1 x Pokemon Trainer Academy game sheet
  • 6 x Pokemon Trainer Academy certificates
  • 6 x ping pong balls
  • 1 x cannonball
  • 1 x roll washi tape
  • 6 x cups
  • 6 x planes
  • 1 x instruction book

NB Additional pokemon trainees can be catered for at an extra cost. Pokemon invitations can also be included at an extra cost.


Pokemon Games in a Box

  1. Kit Up - put your Pikachu ears on
  2. Prepare For Battle -  follow the Grand Master Pokemon Trainer for stretchers and warm up
  3. Cannon-ball Oddish Challenge - roll the cannonball through the white ping pong balls to leave only the orange ping pong ball remaining
  4. Ash Aerobics
  5. Razor Wind Challenge - using a straw blow your Pokemon balloon down a designated course
  6. Pyramid Bolt Strike - use the cannonball to knock over the pyramid cups
  7. Supersonic Pokeball Relay - old fashioned ping pong ball and spoon race
  8. Poke-Balloon Challenge - Thunder Punch - with a balloon between your leg jump down a designated course
  9. Rolling Kick - using only your body roll the balloon down a hallway wall
  10. Poke Stomp - attach the balloon to each guest leg and have fun popping them
  11. Team Tunnel Challenge - divide into teams and have the balloons thrown down the human tunnel
  12. Aeroblast Challenge - throw paper planes through designated cup markers
  13. Jigglypuff Danceoff
  14. Whismur Circle Challenge - Chinese Whispers
  15. Award Ceremony

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