Trolls Game in a Box

Trolls Games in a Box - 6 guests
$89 + shipping

  • 6 x popcorn boxes
  • 6 x gift bags with pegs
  • 6 x Troll toys
  • 6 x Poppy headbands or Bergen teeth (or mixture)
  • Jewel stickers
  • Rainbow cupcake wrappers
  • Paper hearts
  • Crepe rolls
  • 1 x instruction book

NB Additional guests can be catered for at an extra cost.


Trolls Games in a Box

  1. Hair Up - ensure your guests have their Poppy headbands and face jewels on or Bergen teeth in
  2. Can't Stop The Feeling - put on your favourite Troll music and let the dancing begin!
  3. Rainbow Happiness Twirl - in pairs dress one another with the rainbow crepe rolls
  4. Bergen Chase - choose one Bergen to chase all the Trolls and freeze once tagged to be rescued by a fellow Troll
  5. Sunshine in my pocket - which team can pick up all the hearts in their rainbow cupcake wrappers the fastest
  6. Troll Treasure Hunt - have each guest find their hidden toy Troll 

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