Unicorn Game in a Box

Unicorn Games in a Box - 6 guests
$89 + shipping

  • 6 x popcorn boxes
  • 6 x gift boxes with unicorn topper and toy unicorn
  • 6 x unicorn horns and tails
  • 1 x 'Name your unicorn' sheet with labels and unicorn stickers
  • 1 x 'Pin the horn on the unicorn' game
  • Prizes - 1 x necklace and bracelet set
  • 1 x instruction  book

NB Additional unicorns can be catered for at an extra cost. 


Unicorn Games in a Box

  1. Prancing Unicorns - Ensure your unicorns are named and have their horns and tails on then let them prance around to unicorn music
  2. Pin the horn on the unicorn
  3. Unicorn treasure hunt 

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