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Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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Our Pirate Games in a Box for 8 guests includes our awesome pirate games 
  • 1 x Pirate Sword
  • 5 x rings
  • 1 x Hook
  • 5 x Necklaces
  • 6 x Cups
  • 1 x Pirate Ball
  • Pirate balloons
  • Pin the eye on the skull game
  • ​Pirate temporary tattoos for each guest
  • Coins, earring, dagger, eye patch for each guest
  • Instruction book and game sheet

Pirate Games

Ahoy matey's! First off kit your pirates in their eye patches and earrings ready for their pirate adventure.

Game one: Where be the treasure

Parents must either hide the coins around the room or outside and task the pirates to go and seek them out. You could also write clues that lead to the treasure.

Game two: Pirate Ring Toss

Take the cardboard box your Party Box arrived in (or a smaller box if you have one), turn it upside down and thread the sword through the bottom so you can turn it over and have the sword sticking up. Attach the Pirate Ring Toss' game sign to the box and have each pirate use the rings to try and toss them onto the sword.

Game three: Hook the treasure

Put the pirates into two teams. The aim of the game is to see which team can move the pile of necklaces with the hook from one point to another the quickest.

Game four: Cannonball Toss

Set up the six cups in a pyramid shape (in front of a wall is a good idea). Have each pirate toss the pirate ball at them to see how many of them they can knock down.

Game five: Cannonball Blast

Sorry for the noise on this one! Blow up the pirate balloons and have the pirates try and blast (by stamping on) each others balloons. Alternatively you could 'Scrub the Deck' - using a broom have the pirates move a pile of balloons from one point to another.

Game six: Pin the eye on the skull

Take out the Skull and attach it to the wall. Provide each pirate with a number, blindfold them and see who can get the eye closest to the correct place.